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In order to time the markets, you’ve got to have accurate reliable data, which is why I’ve been using eSignal for the last two decades. The accuracy of eSignal’s data and its charting tools are a big part of why Timer Digest ranked my newsletter service, Mastering Probability, as their #1 Market Timer for the S&P 500 for the last 12, 6 & 3 months and the #1 Market Timer for Gold as of April 20, 2018. Viewers of my daily Traders Edge show, seen via the media app on eSignal 12.0 at 1 p.m. each day, demand that I have the most reliable data so that I can provide them with my trustworthy market calls. I love eSignal and you will too!

Steve Rhodes

I love the eSignal platform. I’ve used it for years and years. It’s great to have the ability to take that platform and adapt it to exactly what you’re looking for. You can build the charts the way you want, the indicators the way you want, beautiful watch lists that are easy to read and quick at a glance. It’s really phenomenal. As a trader, you want really accurate data, and so the ability to get really current, accurate impeccable data, beautiful looking charts and also the ability to set alerts. I’m a big technical trader so to be able to set alerts on a certain price or a certain indicator has really been indispensable.

Markay Latimer

Better Trades Educator

Profile shot of a smiling young businessman talking on the phone while sitting in front of monitors displaying financial information

As a longtime eSignal user, I’ve found the quality and depth of charting and analytic features to be world-class. eSignal’s charts are the best I’ve seen anywhere, and help me make successful trading decisions. Thanks to the eSignal team for all their hard work in bringing professional-quality charting software and data to the active trading community – well done!

Ken C.

President of Daytrading University


I have used Advanced GET software for more than 6 years and would never want to be without it. Before using GET, I used or tried many other software products, but absolutely nothing compares to GET. I find the Make-or-Break (MOB), TJ’s Web and the Gann box particularly useful in my trading, as well as user friendly. The customer service and support are outstanding, and the seminars very worthwhile. I highly recommend Advanced GET; it will revolutionize your trading skills.

S. Zajack



There are many challenges that traders face daily in the financial markets. A data and charting platform should not be one of them. As a 10+ year user of eSignal products, I can personally attest to the power and reliability of this platform… not only for my personal trading but for thousands of our trading clients. A must-have for any serious trader who wants technology to be asset factor to bottom line success, not an impediment. A no-brainer 2 thumbs up, A+, and a perfect 5 stars.

Steve D.

President of TAS Market Profile


After so many years of using the services of eSignal, it is a pleasure to continue. Have been offered many other choices at different prices, some higher and some lower, but nothing takes eSignal from my computer.

Camran M.



I took the “Day Trading with Advanced GET” seminar.  In the 3 months since then, I have more than doubled my live Forex trading account. My trading has achieved a level of precision that I have never had before — thanks to eSignal Learning and Advanced GET.

Willie Guevara

President, 4xLos Angeles User Group


Ross Cameron

Owner of

Been a happy eSignal Customer for along time. As a professional trader I require accurate charts with low lag time and eSignal’s are the best.


I’ve been an eSignal customer for years; and will probably continue to be a customer from here on out. The program provides an array of tools with which one can put together a set of parameters that support successful trading.

Jim C.



This is the best seminar, for practical value, I have ever attended. No one teaches a system as good as this. The eSignal Learning team teaches all the basics needed to be successful, including excellent Advanced GET strategies. It’s easy to see why eSignal has won awards.

Moury I.



A lot of thought and organization went into building a professional eSignal, Advanced GET Edition, overview. The trading techniques and strategies presented at the La Jolla 3-day seminar helped me make a quantum leap in my trading.

Ken M.


Profile shot of a smiling young businessman talking on the phone while sitting in front of monitors displaying financial information

I have subscribed to quotreck and eSignal for over thirty years, admittedly the computer provides on the business channel provides a slew of information such as instant quotes, futures etc…but there is nothing comparable to the layout of different stocks eSignal provides day in and day out.

Remy F.


Profile shot of a smiling young businessman talking on the phone while sitting in front of monitors displaying financial information

My needs are completely met with what I have contracted with eSignal for.

I am very happy and extremely satisfied with the Customer Service that eSignal provides. It is important to know that if you have a problem that you can call eSignal and some Technical Service Representative will help you solve your problem. The most important thing that I can be happy about dealing with eSignal is “confidence.” Good Customer Service is the name of the game today. There is nothing else I can say at this time.