Trade Ideas Alerts, Scanning & Back-testing

Trade Ideas is a platform designed from the ground up with the latest advancements in scanning, database, and, artificial intelligence technology to identify and test investment opportunities on all different time frames. Users may create their own custom scans by utilizing combinations of Trade Ideas’ indicators (consisting of alerts and filters) or tune into themed market channels, maintained by Trade Ideas.

The advantage Trade Ideas brings to users is allowing them to monitor every stock on all time frames, behind the scenes. Trade Ideas maintains statistical baselines on every stock, and is able to identify the most statistically interesting and profitable strategy for any time-frame. Benefits and features include:

  • Event-based back testing – Identify profitable patterns and determine a strategy’s odds for success in actual market conditions, factoring commissions and slippage.
  • Unlimited real-time symbol monitoring – Be alerted in real-time when any stocks meets your predefined criteria without a symbol count limit.
  • Social data analysis – Trade Ideas combines social data, standard market data and Trade Ideas derived data to create unique streams of actionable information.
  • Real-time historical baselines – Trade Ideas watches every tick of every stock and knows instantly when something unusual is happening. Channels view – Instant value! Get started right away without having to configure your windows by using our Channels. Our Channels window provides numerous expertly pre-created workspaces based on a variety of market themes.

Alert Window (Duration: 2:21 min)

Stream and display events as they happen in real-time based on the alerts and filters selected. Add graphically rich columns to enhance the data and see multiple time frames at a glance.


Top List Window (Duration: 2:08 min)

Rank market data other than chronologically with windows that utilize our Patent Pending Multi-Variant, Color-Assisted Sorting. Top List windows update every 30 seconds.


Multi Strategy Window (Duration: 1:07 min)

This special window allows you to combine multiple alert windows into one window. As new information arrives, it is streamed and scrolls exactly like the Trade Ideas Alert windows, in real-time.


Channels Window

See the markets in a whole new way. Instead of asking which symbols you wish to see, the Channels window shows you expertly curated themes from Trade Ideas. No configuring, just point and click.


Compare Count Window

Compare Count Windows enable the visual comparison of any two strategies. See real-time updates showing which of the competing strategy is occurring more frequently or less often.


OddsMaker Window

Proprietary Event Based Back-testing lets users see how any Trade Ideas alerts and filters perform as a strategy against the entire market or custom symbol list.

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