eSignal offers direct connections to a wide selection of online brokers and trading service providers:

  • High quality market data and decision support coupled with your choice of 50+ online brokers
  • Unmatched selection from industry leaders in each asset class
  • Seamless, direct access executions from within the eSignal trading platform

Our trade management system (integrated with all versions of eSignal) is designed to improve the accuracy and speed of your order entry and trade management.*

Trading Integration / Broker Plug-in is not available to eSignal users in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region.

EquitiesFutures OptionsForexPlug-In Included in eSignal 12 or Higher
ADM Investor Services, Inc.X
AGN FuturesXXX
AMP Global ClearingXXX
Crossland L.L.C.XX
Daniels TradingXXX
Dorman Trading, LLCXX
Emini FuturesXX
Gain Capital / XXX
Gain Futures XX
Global Futures XXX
High Ridge Futures XX
Interactive Brokers XXXX X*
Jitneytrade XXX
Kyte Group XX
LightspeedXXXAvailable via broker platform
Macquarie XX
Marex Financial XX
MB Trading XXXXX
Mirus FuturesXX
Newedge GroupXX
Optimus FuturesXX
Phillip FuturesXX
Proactive FuturesXX
Rosenthal Collins Group LLCXX
R.J. O’BrienXX
Straits Financial XX
TD AmeritradeXX
Tradier Brokerage XXX
WeBank XXAvailable via broker platform
Integrated Trading Service Providers
Patsystems XXX

For eSignal 10.6 users, please install the Interactive Brokers plug-in.

* The eSignal Trading Integration feature is not available to our clients in Europe, Africa or the Middle East region.

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