JavaScript for EFS Videos

These video training series educates the viewer on programming concepts using JavaScript, the foundation language for eSignal Formula Script (EFS). This series also leads the viewer through many examples using the EFS Editor and the EFS Output Window. It's the perfect place to start for someone who is new to programming and wanting to get the foundations of how to program.

download the associated EFS exercise files that are mentioned throughout the video series

Introduction to Programming This first segment is an overview of what this video series is covering, and who the intended audience is. 1:01 Play
Programming Concepts This is a more detailed overview of many of the programming concepts that will be covered in the video series. 4:34 Play
Getting Started In this segment, the eSignal programming environment is reviewed, and your first EFS file is created. 7:30 Play
Good Programming Practices Reviews some of the best practices for programming in any language, including EFS 8:56 Play
Recognizing Patterns Demonstration and discussion of how to have an eye for patterns in code. This talks about symmetry, color coding, and looking for special characters and capitalization. 4:04 Play
Debugging Provides good tips on debugging in general and also gives some examples of how to debug EFS/JavaScript files. 15:38 Play
Literal vs. Interpreted Output Clarifies the process of how to specify an actual instruction versus actual (literal) text to be displayed. 24:03 Play
Adding Comments to Code This segment shows how to place notes within your code in order to make your code more readable. 2:59 Play
Escaping Special Characters Reviews some possible trouble areas and workarounds for using special characters like "newlines" and tabs. 22:45 Play
Using Variables to Track Data How to use "containers" or variables to store data. This allows the programmer to reuse the stored data over and over. 32:36 Play
Naming & Declaring Variables Another best practices segment covering some conventions for naming and declaring your variables. 8:30 Play
Incrementing & Decrementing Variables This part of the series covers how to efficiently add or subtract from variables using special operators. This process is used quite often in programming and is an essential tool to have. 17:03 Play
Boolean Variables These variables are special true/false variables. This segment covers a number of different examples with these "decision" variables, which ties in nicely with the next segment. 22:17 Play
Conditionals Covers how to use "If...Then...Else" statements in JavaScript... a critical part of nearly all EFS code. 43:52 Play
Functions Reviews what functions are, what is included, and how to use them. Again, another critical component to understanding JavaScript and EFS. 30:38 Play
Loops How to execute a block of code over an over until a certain condition is met. Covers For-Loops and While-Loops. 23:44 Play
Objects, Methods & Properties This segment reviews the basics of a complex topic... objects. It shows how to associate real-world examples with creating objects. 45:12 Play
Creating Your Own Functions Demonstrates when and how you can create your own series of procedures which can be utilized over and over again throughout the life of programs.. 32:51 Play

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