Refer a Friend

You could earn up to $100 per referral in credit toward your current subscription!

We're offering subscribers a chance to earn up to $100 per referral in credit toward their current subscription! Best of all, THERE IS NO LIMIT!

Why? Because we're continuously looking for more great subscribers like you. We're sure you know of someone who could benefit from one of our award-winning products.

Credits toward your current account are based on the service your referral signs up for.

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Your Earning Potential

If your referral subscribes to: Your credit amount for just 1 subscriber is:
eSignal Premier $50
eSignal Premier Plus $100
Advanced GET $100
Options Analytix $100
Any QCharts product (QCharts, QCharts Plus)
(not available for LiveCharts products)

Join Our Refer-A-Friend Program in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Call an eSignal representative at 800.815.8256, or click the chat button at top of page, to refer your friends and associates who may be interested in eSignal.
  2. After you speak with our representative, we'll contact your referrals, send them product information and offer them a subscription
  3. Once your referral has subscribed to our service for 60 days, you'll receive a subscription credit on your account.

Program Guidelines

  • Refer as many people as you like. The more you refer, the more potential you have to earn substantial subscription credits.
  • You will be given credit on your current account once for each new referred subscriber.
  • Current subscribers who are swapping, upgrading or downgrading to another product are not eligible for referral credit.
  • No self-referrals are possible, no cash payments will be made, and you must be an active subscriber to qualify for credit.
  • Referral credits are not transferable.

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