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  • Watch List Overview - The Watch List Window allows you to easily track your symbols in a spreadsheet format. Learn how to add new columns or modify existing ones including technical indicators. Sorting, setting Alerts and creating symbol lists are also covered.
  • Workspace Overview - Workspaces allow you to manage a collection of pages and switch between them with a single click. In this overview you’ll learn how to create or modify the workspace and pages. We’ll also cover how to rename, duplicate and remove a workspace.
  • Finding Symbols - The Symbol Search window is one of the most essential components of eSignal as it allows you to find the symbols you’re interested in trading. We’ll cover how to search by Exchange, Instrument Type along with other filters to help narrow down your search. We’ll also discuss symbol formatting and asset classes.
  • Charting Overview - In this basic Charting overview we’ll go over how to create a new chart, customize by symbol and interval, and plot different chart types (Candlestick, Bar, Line, etc). Adding Technical Indicators, Line tools, Time and Style Templates will also be covered.
  • Time and Sales - The Time & Sales Window displays real-time streaming updates for trades and quotes in a scrolling window for stocks, futures and forex. We’ll discuss how to customize this window.
  • Market Depth - An explanation of what Market Depth is and the various add-on services available (NYOB, NASDAQ Level 2, TotalView). We’ll also cover basic mechanics and customization options.
  • News - A general overview of the news windows including News Services and filters.

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