QuoTrek Mobile (Smartphone)

Access the world’s markets anywhere with mobile quotes, news and streaming charts

QuoTrek offers streaming quotes, charts and news from the world’s markets on your mobile device, so you’re always in touch with the markets…in real time. See the market movers, confirm your market picks and access the world’s markets, all while on-the-go. QuoTrek is ideal for executives and professionals, as well as active traders who want a low-priced, mobile market data solution as a companion to our desktop products.

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Streaming, Real-Time Quotes and News

  • Stocks, options, futures, indices from around the world
  • Real-time financial market news you can act on
  • Streaming quotes and news – real time

Mobile Charts

  • Streaming charts
  • Reliable data displayed in line, bar or candlestick charts
  • Technical analysis studies available, including Bollinger Bands and Stochastics

Analytics and Streaming Charts

  • View real time data in a line, bar and candlestick chart
  • Apply studies for further technical analysis

Hot Lists for iPhone

  • See market movers in pre-set scans
  • Scans automatically update every 30 seconds
  • Unique scans, e.g. Trade Rate Hot Lists, which displays the fastest trading stocks in the last minute

Markets Page for iPhone

  • Access market indices and major instruments representing the stock, futures, Forex and world markets
  • News on various world markets, top stories, economic news and more

Options Lookup

  • List the options for underlying symbols
  • Add desired contracts to your portfolio
  • Optimized for BlackBerry devices

Product Enhancements

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