eSignal Mobile Trading Application

NOTE:In the past, iPads were required for eSignal Mobile. We have since released eSignal Mobile to include iPhone and Android devices.

Access up-to-the-minute information on today’s financial markets, your watch list, charting and analytical tools, and more – all on your iPad.

FREE with your eSignal subscription (On-Demand excluded)

eSignal Mobile includes powerful features, such as:

  • Home page – a tablet-friendly version of a default workspace view, with Watch List, Detailed Quote, Chart and News views
  • Full symbol searching capabilities
  • Separate windows for Watch Lists, Detailed Quotes, News, Charts, Stock Options and Hot Lists
  • Company, ETF and Mutual Fund Profile tearsheets
  • Preferences for each window type

eSignal Mobile provides:

Robust Entitlement Control

  • The same eSignal account is used to log on to desktop and mobile – ensuring a user is only logged in to eSignal on one device at any given time. This mitigates the risk of being liable for dual exchange data usage (and associated fees).
  • The same window and data entitlements are used between desktop and mobile, so users will only see on mobile what they are entitled to in desktop.

Optimized Mobile Data Usage

  • Conflation settings gives users control over data usage (and associated cellular data costs).
  • Works on WiFi and 3G/4G networks

Rich user interface and gestures for the iPad

  • Portrait/landscape views
  • Standard iOS gesture usage makes the app easy to learn and use
  • Rich interactive controls and experience

Product Enhancements

eSignal: offers you award-winning charting tools, streaming stock quotes, back testing and direct access
to your choice of broker.

Advanced GET: combines the power of eSignal advanced charting, back testing and choice of online trading brokers with award-winning technical analysis software, including exclusive indicators found nowhere else.

LiveCharts: offers you reliable data that updates continuously and technical analysis tools to make decisions that can make you money – all via the web at an affordable price.

eSignal Learning: The strategies and the tools to trade profitably and to help you learn your way to better trades, with actionable trading education, as well as tips, classes and full programs.

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