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New Release

eSignal 12.0 trading software

Introducing eSignal 12.0!

eSignal 12.0 is packed with innovative new features including: all-new market screening tools, advanced options analytics, and social media and streaming news apps to keep you informed throughout the trading day.

  • Market Screener Plus+: Offers both technical and fundamental scans. Start with a preset library of scans or customize your own scans to discover new trading opportunities. FREE with eSignal.
  • Options Analytix: Advanced options analytics platform takes the guess work out of trading options by identifying ideal trade setups. FREE Online options trading classes available.
  • StockTwits: StockTwits feed integrated into eSignal platform. Join the conversation – Tweet and share tips, ideas, charts and more directly from eSignal.
  • TFNN Streaming Financial News: The new eSignal Media window features live streaming video from TFNN. Listen to market analysis throughout the trading day.
  • Automated Trading BETA

Product Overview


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Data and Features

Fast, Real-time Global Trade Market Data & Charts

Access to Fast, Real-Time, Reliable Data

The eSignal workstation is designed to perform under the pressures of high volume periods with multi-threading technology and a server infrastructure based on multi-core, 64-bit data centers.

Easy-to-Use, Customizable Workspace

Easy-to-Use, Customizable Workspace

When you first open eSignal, you'll know how to use it because it's designed by traders, for traders. The eSignal workstation customizes your experience so that performing basic tasks, such as building workspaces or adding studies, doesn't distract you from your primary objective -- making more money in the market. Users now have the ability to concurrently open and view multiple pages on multiple monitors or separate from the main application. The eSignal software is translated into 9 languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

Advanced Charting

Advanced Charting

Newly Enhanced!

eSignal's advanced charting is designed to meet the needs of active traders and investors, integrating with the other eSignal tools to optimize their workstation experience. A variety of chart types, chart intervals (OnDemand limited to intraday, minute bars), technical studies, drawing tools, alerts and trading integration functionality offer a high degree of customizability. And now, Performance Charts allow you to easily compare the relative strength of multiple symbols.

Chart types that come standard with eSignal include: Candlestick, Bar, Line, Histogram and Area

Specialty Charts

Specialty Charts

Newly Enhanced!

Specialty chart types available with eSignal include the following:


The chart type most requested by eSignal subscribers, the Heikin-Ashi is a candlestick chart uses a modified candlestick formula to identify a given trend more easily and remove unwanted noise from the chart.

Point & Figure

This classic chart type gives technical traders and market analysts a unique perspective on the market that removes many of the smaller swings in price and that requires a significant change in trend before the Xs (up trends) change to Os (down trends). Trend lines are often used to highlight key support and resistance levels for optimized trading. The Fixed Scale option ensures that the relationship between time and price is equal. Wyckoff Calculation allows boxes with just one X or O to be stacked with their previous box, further compressing the market when there is a lot of sideways movement.


This chart style, invented in Japan, takes time out of the equation and bases the chart purely on price movement. A new up "brick" is created when price closes above the previous brick's high by a specific amount. The projection option draws the bricks in place as if the interval were closed at the current time.


The Kagi chart type has lines drawn vertically and not separated into bricks (as with Renko). A new vertical line is drawn whenever the specified reversal amount is achieved, and the time interval closes. Just as with Renko, a projection is drawn with real-time data to show where the next line will be drawn. A small horizontal reversal line shows where the price has to go for a reversal to happen.

Price Break

The Price Break chart type will reverse when a certain reversal point is met; this amount fluctuates based on the price action. In essence, the price has to reverse against the last 3 boxes in order for a new direction to be colored. The Price Break chart comes with optional projection coloring.

Access to Global Markets*

Access to Global Markets

eSignal's data offering goes beyond the basic U.S. and European exchanges with 100s of exchanges from around the world on all instruments, including 100+ indices, plus stocks, futures, minis, options, ETFs, foreign currency options, OTC Markets, Forex rates and market depth.

Symbol Count 500 symbols
(delayed, intraday only)
200 symbols ††
at a time
500 symbols ††
at a time
Varies based
on datafeed package
Trading Integration with Choice of Brokers

Trading Integration with Choice of Brokers

Because we're broker independent, providing flexibility and choice through our partnerships with respected online brokers and trade execution platform providers, you get our award-winning market data and technical analysis tools coupled with the trade execution platform(s) that work best for you.

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eSignal Market Screener Plus+

eSignal Market Screener Plus+

A powerful and comprehensive stock screening tool with new scanning technology that allows you to scan global exchanges for real time trading opportunities that fit the criteria you choose for almost infinite scan combinations.

Once you’ve gotten your results, you can further refine your list by volume and price, export them into your watchlist, chart, place trades, or use any other the other tools available in eSignal 12.

All FREE with your subscription of eSignal!

  • All-in-One Platform – Get real-time data, advanced technical analysis and idea generation, all in one easy-to-use platform.
  • Scan dozens of exchanges around the globe.
  • Scan on both technical and fundamental data - Mix and match scanning criteria to discover new trading ideas.
  • Multi-time frame analysis – Scan the markets in multiple time frames simultaneously.

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StockTwits TFNN Streaming Financial News

eSignal Apps


eSignal’s first social media app integrates the full StockTwits feed into the eSignal platform. Be part of the conversation -- tweet right from your eSignal desktop, link and track symbols from your Watch List and post charts with commentary directly in the StockTwits feed.

TFNN Streaming Financial News

The new eSignal Media window features live streaming video from TFNN right within your eSignal application.

eSignal does not approve or endorse or any of its programs. Any information, advice, views and opinions provided through are expressly attributed to and/or the speaker, and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of eSignal or its affiliates.
eSignal Futures Trader

eSignal Futures Trader

New Feature!

eSignal Futures Trader offers futures traders seamless connection of eSignal's advanced, easy-to-use charting and other technical analysis tools with the Continuum trader order execution platform. eSignal Futures Trader allows you access to more than 40 FCMs, and for qualified eSignal futures subscribers, waivers for many futures exchange data fees.

Futures Data Fee Waivers

Futures Data Fee Waivers

Newly Enhanced!

eSignal has partnered with a number of brokers to waive certain data fees (broker fees may still apply) as long as you meet the requirements. Find out more about the data fee waivers for eSignal Futures Trader users.

View a complete list of eligible broker / trading service provider partners.

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Back Testing and Optimization

Back Testing and Optimization

eSignal's professional and user-friendly back testing tools let traders and investors see how their market strategies might have performed had they made trades using them, making it easy for them to dissect them, measure them in relation to time and evaluate them for consistency. Bar replay allows you to step through your trading day bar by bar to assess strategies and adjust accordingly.

Chart Trading

Chart Trading

This ability to place trade orders directly on the charts through a right click or slide panel integrates with the eSignal Trade Manager, a DOME-style price ladder with Money Management Planner that allows for automated exit strategies with multiple stops and profit targets automatically sent to your broker. Once a position is open, you can easily line up stop and limit orders with support and resistance levels.

Alert Ticker to Know When to Trade

Alert Ticker to Know When to Trade

Newly Enhanced!

You can receive alerts on any of the issues in your portfolio and charts via email, smart phone or desktop through audio or visual (pop-up) and on prices, drawing tools and studies – so you can act immediately on profit-making opportunities.

An alert ticker window captures many triggered alerts and centralizes them in one, easy-to-access area, providing numerous filters to see the alerts most important to you, so you'll know when to make your trades.

20+ Exclusive Indicators

20+ Exclusive Indicators: Elliot Wave, Gann...

Newly Enhanced!

The Advanced GET edition of eSignal allows you to combine eSignal's award-winning data and technical analysis tools with Advanced GET's exclusive predictive indicators used successfully by active traders and professionals worldwide.

eSignal Advanced Charting


Advanced GET membership offers 3 free months of mentoring by our trader-instructors in the software's up-front purchase price, along with Foundations in Trading classes, pre-recorded classes and regularly scheduled member-only events focused on a different asset class or Advanced GET tool.

Comprehensive Set of Technical Indicators

Comprehensive Set of Technical Indicators

eSignal offers a robust, comprehensive and customizable set of technical indicators and drawing tools, including many most frequently used by active traders and investors. Also available is a library of other, free indicators they can access (and modify) using the eSignal formula language, EFS.

Watch Lists with Integrated Studies

Watch Lists with Integrated Studies

Quote, Portfolio, Hot List, Sector List, Index Constituents List and Summary windows, as well as formula study outputs, combine several tools in one location for easy access: Market screening, technical analysis, portfolio functions and market depth imbalance information -- all updated in real time.

Hot Lists / Sector Lists / Index Constituent Lists

Hot Lists / Sector Lists / Index Constituent Lists

These 100+ powerful pre-built scans look through U.S. and Canadian stock, ETF and index markets to identify the best trading opportunities and update them automatically every 30 seconds. Hot Lists can be inserted into a Watch List (creating a custom market screener) or viewed in their own window. Sector Lists will insert symbols in a Watch List for additional sorting and analysis by industry group. Index Constituent Lists are based on 100s of global indices, so they can then be expanded, collapsed and sorted through efficiently.

Extensive Historical Data

Extensive Historical Data

This type of data allows back testers to track the performance of their strategies across all types of market patterns and conditions, and combined with Bar Replay, permits users to refine their strategies for better performance.

eSignal Trading Education and Support

Trading Education and Support

eSignal and Advanced GET subscribers have access to 24/7 customer support via phone, online chat and email. In addition, in the Support section of the website, they will find new user orientations, product training (pre-recorded and live online), online manuals, quick start guides, the KnowledgeBase and current issue of the subscriber education newsletter, the Exchange. They can also interact with tech support, network with eSignal users worldwide in the Forums and search a library of technical indicators or post their own formulas.

eSignal Third Party Software Compability

Third Party Software Compatibility

eSignal's award-winning market data is compatible with many third party software applications and formula / technical studies, many built using eSignal's formula script language (EFS). Our list of third party software partners and formula study partners is growing all the time.

Add-On Services (additional add-on fees apply and vary based on product)

Advanced GET Scanner

Advanced GET Scanner

The Advanced GET Scanner searches the markets in real time for stocks poised to move. Find award-winning strategies such as Type 1 buys, XTL Breakouts or Type 2 sells with a click of your mouse in seconds. Includes many pre-built sets and lets you combine any of a number of standard studies and indicators, including the ADX, DMI, MACD, stochastics, etc.

  • List retrieval from the entire U.S. market for GET signature set-ups or your own custom strategies in less than 10 seconds
  • Scans of the FTSE 350, 250 and 100 (for subscribers to the LSE) for GET set-ups
  • Results based on up-to-the-minute data
  • Time frames ranging from 15 minutes to weekly
  • Pre-built and user-built trading strategies
  • A wide selection of parameters for trimming the list of stocks to just what you want
Options Analytix

Options Analytix

eSignal’s new Options Analytix is a powerful Options Analysis platform with an extensive set of enhanced tools for the options trader. Options Analytix provides a wide range of control for your options analysis.

Learn Options trading from the experts with training classes available, from basic to advanced strategies such as covered calls, vertical spreads, credit spreads, and weekly options strategies.

  • Comprehensive Options Analysis Platform – Enhanced tools for the options trader including options training from industry experts.
  • Real Time Options Scanner – Scan individual options based on your criteria such price, open interest, Greek values or implied volatility.
  • Automatic Spread Builder - Quickly search for the best Options Spreads from 37 different types.

Learn More

Market Depth

Market Depth

eSignal has available a more detailed view of the markets, including NASDAQ, NYSE, U.S. Regional Markets, Canadian, CBOT, CME, NYMEX, COMEX, OTC, Forex, LSE, Euronext and ECNs. Additional add-on fees apply.

New subscribers, sign up for eSignal first.

Existing eSignal subscribers, add Market Depth to your eSignal account.

Volume Delta

Volume Delta

The Volume Delta add-on charting tool identifies key price levels within a specific time period so that traders can make more educated decisions about their trades. The tool compares the tick data within each bar or candlestick against the best bid or offer to determine which side of the market has the most control at any given price level. Volume Delta charts are now calculated on the server for increased performance and precision. Additional add-on fees apply.

New subscribers, sign up for eSignal first.

Existing eSignal subscribers, add Volume Delta to your eSignal account.



The seasonal study identifies patterns month over month or year over year to help traders find the commodity futures or stock historical patterns that occur cyclically in these markets. Additional add-on fees apply.

New Feature!

New subscribers, sign up for eSignal first.

Existing eSignal subscribers, add Seasonals to your eSignal account.

Market Profile

Market Profile

Market Profile is an add-on chart type that organizes Volume Profiles, Time / Price Opportunity (TPO) counts, splits, and other market activity in a distribution curve (histogram) as this activity is unfolding. Futures traders use Market Profile to interpret the distribution shifts. Features include Naked Point of Control, Volume Point of Control and alerts on breaches of these levels by the markets, including the Value Area. Additional add-on fees apply.

New Feature!

New subscribers, sign up for eSignal first.

Existing eSignal subscribers, add Market Profile to your eSignal account.


News, Commentary and Research

eSignal gives you access to a wealth of respected real-time news sources, such as Dow Jones, Live Briefs® PRO, COMTEX and RealTimeTraders Pro and more. Act today on news others will only read about tomorrow! Many services offer an automatic or opt-in free trial. See a complete list of pricing for all the news and commentary you can add to your eSignal subscription.

eSignal Mobile - iPad

eSignal Mobile - iPad

eSignal Mobile, an iPad companion to the eSignal desktop, offers real-time, streaming information on trade markets, watch lists, charting, and analytical tools for use on the road or at home. You get instant access to the exchanges and services you receive on your desktop with no additional exchange fees. By adding the eSignal Mobile service to your eSignal account you’ll also get access to QuoTrek Mobile. It is the ideal companion service to the eSignal desktop product.

QuoTrek Mobile - smartphone

QuoTrek Mobile - smartphone

QuoTrek offers streaming quotes, charts and news from the world's markets on your mobile device, so you're always in touch with the real time. See the market movers, confirm your market picks and access the world's markets, all while on-the-go. QuoTrek is ideal for executives and professionals, as well as active traders who want a low-priced, mobile market data solution.


QLink is an RTD, enhanced DDE add-on service that makes it quick and simple to download real-time, streaming data into your Excel worksheets. You can then perform further analysis suited to your market and your strategies for trading that market.

You get these great benefits of QLink:

  • Fast and easy RTD data integration
  • Historical and bar data that allows tracking and deep analysis of price action over time, so you can use Excel to your best advantage
  • Ability to supply your Excel-based portfolios with eSignal's reliable data and let you monitor real-time, streaming trades and quotes
  • An easy-to-use toolbar that ties all of QLink's components together in a clean, intuitive, user-friendly way and with all report request types a single click away
  • A built-in RTD API when you need to create direct formula entries for use with Excel's Visual Basic for Applications programming language
  • RTD cell referencing for flexible worksheet design that allows for instant changes to formulas
  • A unique toolbar that automatically integrates with Excel
  • Find out how to add QLink to your eSignal subscription FREE for 30 days.

    Make it part of your trading arsenal today:

    • If you are not already an eSignal subscriber, sign up for eSignal.
    • If you are an eSignal subscriber, add QLink.

    eSignal data can also be easily exported to an Excel spreadsheet using Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE). With advanced charting, you can also output EFS formulas to DDE. The data within the spreadsheet remains linked to the formula while you analyze the data, using the spreadsheet's capabilities.

    Extended Intraday History

    Extended Intraday History

    This service allows you to access 12+ years of minute-based bar data for North American equities and indices and 2+ years of North American, European and Asian futures, Forex and treasuries. It is an especially great boon to those back testers who need large amounts of historical data to track the performance of their strategies across all types of market patterns and conditions.

    Historical Options Data

    Historical Options Data

    This service allows you to access 12+ years of daily history for North American equities and indices and 2+ years of North American, European and Asian futures, Forex and treasuries. It is an especially great boon to those back testers who need large amounts of historical data to track the performance of their strategies across all types of market patterns and conditions.

    Corporate CapIQ Fundamentals

    Corporate CapIQ Fundamentals

    Newly Enhanced!

    eSignal subscribers can access daily updated, institutional quality, fundamentals data on U.S. and Canadian companies, including ~200 data fields. The Research window is a consolidated single stop for delving deep into financial information -- easy on the eyes and easy to use. Chart Markers provide information on a symbol's historical earnings and dividends. Additional add-on fees apply.

    New subscribers, sign up for eSignal first.

    Existing eSignal subscribers, add Corporate CapIQ Fundamentals to your eSignal account.

    Premium Add-On Studies some availability X X X
    Futures X X X X
    Forex X X X X

    Exchange fees apply to all real-time subscriptions.

    System Requirements for your computer should be verified before downloading the software.

    Online registration is for non-professional traders only. Professional users in the U.S., call 800.835.7113 to register for eSignal. Outside the U.S., call one of the numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

    To register for eSignal, Advanced GET Edition, call one of the numbers listed at the bottom of this page.

    ** Exchange data fee waivers for U.S. futures markets are available for qualifying clients.

    *** Special, introductory offers are available.

    † Additional monthly datafeed package required.

    †† Up to 2,500 symbols available for a fee.


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    If you've already signed up for eSignal, download the trading software here and get started today.

    Which version of eSignal trading software should I download?

    Download 32-bit

    (Build 12.0.3598, Nov 10, 2014)

    Download 64-bit

    (Build 12.0.3598, Nov 10, 2014)


    eSignal is an award-winning trading software that offers advanced online charting tools, streaming stocks, futures, Forex, options and ETFs, portfolio back testing and trade execution with your choice of broker - all from a single, customizable trading platform.


    • Lightning-fast global market data
    • Advanced charts & analysis tools
    • Easy-to-use trading platform
    • Tools to trade any asset class
    • Your choice of 50+ brokers

    Not Signed Up? Sign Up Now!

    For users who require the legacy version, the download for eSignal 10.6 (build 2425 - Aug 22, 2011) is available here.

    QLink (RTD) (enhanced DDE) is a quick, simple add-on that lets you download real-time, streaming data into your proprietary Excel worksheets for further analysis [ more + ] Download QLink (v3.01.0156 -- Last Updated: Nov 21, 2014)

    Which version of eSignal 12 should I download (32-bit or 64-bit)?

    eSignal 12 has two versions available to support a broader range of PCs, 32-bit and 64-bit. To find out which version is best for you:

    • Right click the Computer icon on your Desktop or left click the Start Menu and go to "Control Panel", then "System".
    • Look at "Properties" or "System" in the "System type" area to see what operating system you have installed and proceed to select the appropriate version.

    Systems Requirements

    Before you start downloading the eSignal trading software, please read the following instructions. Make sure your PC meets the following system requirements:


    • Windows 8, Windows 7 (64-bit)
    • Intel® Core™ i3 / i5 / i7
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 250 MB available disk space
    • DSL or cable modem

    Power User**

    • Windows 8, Windows 7 (64-bit)
    • Intel® Core™ i7 (3.2 GHz or faster)
    • 8 GB RAM
    • 250 MB available hard disk space
    • DSL or cable modem (8 Mbps or faster)

    ** A power user is someone who uses 1 or more of the following:

    • 5 or more tick charts
    • 10 or more interval charts
    • 15 or more drawn objects on a chart (either through EFS or the line toolbar)
    • CPU-intensive EFS or back testing studies (using multiple loops, global variables, etc.)
    • Tracking of a high number of active symbols
    • Tracking of E-minis in a chart or in a Market Depth window

    In addition, we recommend the Power User Requirements for users of eSignal's trading platform, Advanced GET, in particular.

    Firewall Notice

    If you plan on running the software for Windows through a firewall or from your workplace, please read this important information before downloading.

    Installation Guide

    Downloading the eSignal trading software is easy. Complete the steps shown below on installing and running eSignal trading software for the first time.

    • Choose Open when the dialogue box appears. Once the file transfer is complete, the install procedure will begin automatically.
    • Enter your username and password when prompted. If you do not have those yet, you can enter them later when launching eSignal trading platform. You will have other options to consider during installation, but in the vast majority of cases, you can simply leave the default choice as is and hit Next.

    That is it! You are now ready to start using eSignal trading software. Simply look for the eSignal icon on your desktop to start the program. For a complete list of integrated brokers, including compatibility information, see our trading integration partner page.

    Note: In the rare instance that you run into a problem while installing, you can choose Save when the installer dialogue box appears. Our installer will load the compressed eSignal program into a file and download it to your PC. This takes 10 - 20 seconds on a high-speed connection. Once this file has successfully loaded onto your PC, you simply double-click to start the installer and perform step 2 as described above.

    User Reviews

    “ eSignal is the world's best charting software...I wouldn't trade without it ”

    "For more than 11 years, I have traded millions of dollars' worth of stocks and ETFs using eSignal exclusively full time. eSignal is, by far, the finest charting software available anywhere. I have reached tens of thousands of day and swing traders worldwide with my training, which features eSignal. When money's on the line, as it is for us active traders, it's essential to have the best tools available -- and eSignal delivers. eSignal data is fast, reliable and accurate, and the charts are advanced and flexible, with a wide variety of customizable configuration options. I also feature eSignal charts in my industry articles and trading expo presentations because eSignal's charts are the sharpest-looking. I give my highest recommendation to eSignal. eSignal is the world's best charting software, and I wouldn't want to trade without's just that good." Ken Calhoun, President, Daytrading University

    “ eSignal is the most reliable quote service I have ever used! ”

    "I have been an eSignal customer since 1989 and the bottom line is this: eSignal is the most reliable quote service I have ever used. In fact, I wouldn't dream of making a trade without it! So, do yourself a favor and check out their service. And until next time, may the Bulls be with you!" D. Moenning

    “ My first impression of eSignal 11 is that it is beautiful... ”

    "My first impression of eSignal 11 is that it is beautiful...the charts, the overall look and feel to the software. The pre-setups (e.g., main, Forex, eft) are especially easy to use, as is the customization of more predefined symbols in a Forex Watch List. Keep up the good work." Regards, J. Frode

    “ I feel that eSignal is what most contributes to the health of my account balance. ”

    "I am a 7-year eSignal user who has upgraded to the all-new eSignal 11. I trade E-minis, as well as Greek and U.S. stocks, and have written lots of EFS formulas based mostly on what I have seen in the eSignal Forums and Fileshare and modified with plenty of real-time testing.
    I export the data of many indicators to Excel with DDE (I would be lost without it). Then, I run Excel vba code that evaluates and selects the most successful indicators. My trading signals are then produced in Excel, and I trade them manually but am also working to automate them.
    I feel that eSignal is what most contributes to the health of my account balance."
    G. Marcovits, Athens, Greece

    “ Been using eSignal for 12+ years...this new version blows me away ”

    "I've been using eSignal for over 12 years with great success. This new version blows me away. It's absolutely the best system out there." N. Grammes

    “ Today, eSignal is part of my every trade, and I won't trade without it. ”

    "In the early years, I tried several data providers and found eSignal to be the best. eSignal is the easiest to use, has the best graphics and the most important features. For me, that's the flexibility to change my charts and layouts to several monitors or just one, the ability to save them to use on any computer and a real-time portfolio manager that showed me within seconds that my profits on one trade had just made enough to pay for my annual eSignal price! For years now, eSignal has provided me with the most reliable data service I could ever ask for. Today, it's part of my every trade, and I won't trade without it." K. Long

    “ I can't recommend the new eSignal 11 often enough; well done! ”

    "Our passion at New Level Traders is building an online community of traders working together live everyday. As one of the trading room hosts, I depend on eSignal to deliver immediate data, top-flight charting and trading tools, and nearly instantaneous new information. The new eSignal 11 surpasses these requirements and helps keep the members of our community 100% "in the know" about what is moving the market. I can't recommend it often enough; well done!" Brian Potts, Co-Founder of New Level Traders

    “ The new version provides state-of-the-art tools and is easy to use. ”

    "We chose the new eSignal because of the reliability and comprehensive nature of the data it provides. Now, we can work with futures, commodities, Forex and Hungarian stocks on the same platform. And, the new version provides state-of-the-art tools and is easy to use." Gabor Koros, Managing Director, QuantumResearch Financial Ltd.

    “ eSignal assists me in getting my trades ready for the next morning's entry execution. ”

    "Today, I had a chance to get to what I think is one of the most important features of the Research window. It is the simple but powerful ability to insert into my Research window stocks from a Hot List with preset price / volume / gainers / losers... conditions. This feature makes my search a million times faster and assists me in getting my trades ready for the next morning's entry execution." C. Nguyen

    “ eSignal 11.2 is the most beautiful and intuitive program I have ever used. ”

    "Upon first use of eSignal 11.2, I realized that it was the most beautiful and intuitive program I have ever used. The more I use it, the more I like it. This program is so well designed that it is suited to both novice and seasoned traders alike." B. Scott

    Product Enhancements

    eSignal Mobile: Seamlessly integrates with eSignal desktop software and features real-time, streaming data on-the-go.

    Market Screeners: eSignal's Market Screener Plus+ offers both technical and fundamental scans. Get started with a preset library of scans or customize your own scans to discover new trading opportunities. FREE with eSignal.

    Options Analytix : Enhanced tools for the options trader. OA identifies ideal trade set-ups for all spread strategies. Get FREE options mentoring classes from the experts – from basics to advanced trading strategies.

    eSignal Learning: Learn your way to better trades from industry experts. Get tips, tricks and actionable insights from the pros.

    Add-On Formula Studies: Technical indicators and formula studies strengthen your decision support capabilities and, thus increase your trading profits.

    eSignal Trading Platform Awards

    eSignal trading products have
    consistently been voted #1
    by users worldwide

    * If you cancel within the first 30 days of service, all fees will be refunded to you minus any taxes and applicable add-on service / exchange fees and activation fees.