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How to Use eSignal File Share

Anyone can browse through eSignal File Sharing. You don't have to log in to the site to browse the groups. (This is called anonymous access.) The main page of the eSignal File Sharing site lists the most active content. This is a good place to begin your search for information important to you. Beyond the main page, you can find new content using the directory or the "Find Group" function.

You can find any type of file in eSignal File Sharing. Among the most common are:

These files can be downloaded from any browser. If you are using a browser within eSignal, files that are native to eSignal (e.g., ach, nl2, quo, pages) will automatically download and open inside eSignal.

Publishing to eSignal File Sharing

To publish files to a group, you need to be one of the following:

  1. An administrator of a group
  2. A moderator of a group
  3. A member of a group that has Open Publishing

To become an administrator of a group, you need to create your own group or have a group owner provide you with administrator access to his / her group. Administrators can do anything to a group. They can change the group properties, delete the group, create folders, upload, overwrite or delete any file.

To become a moderator of a group, you need to have a group owner / administrator provide you with moderator access to that group. Moderators can upload files and delete / overwrite only the files they "own."

Open Publishing

Some groups support "Open Publishing". This means that any member of that group can upload files. Members don't need special permissioning, such as administrator or moderator privileges. In a group that has open publishing, users can upload files and delete / overwrite only the files they "own".

How to Publish

From outside the eSignal application, you can upload files to eSignal File Sharing by going into a group and selecting the Upload File link. This link is only available if you have permission to publish in a group.

Within the eSignal application, tools are provided that allow you to publish directly to eSignal File Sharing.

  1. opens a browser directly to the eSignal File Sharing site
  2. publishes the active eSignal window directly to eSignal File Sharing, for example:

  3. - Advanced Charts (.ach)
    - Quote Windows (.quo)
    - Level II (.n12)

  4. publishes a picture of the active eSignal window
  5. publishes a page; a page is a single file layout that contains all the active windows in one file
  6. shows the Lesson Manager

Additionally, in the system tray, a camera is available. With the camera in the system tray, you can take a picture of ANY window (inside or outside of eSignal).

Sending a Published File

If you publish something to eSignal File Sharing, we put the URL to the image you just published in the clipboard. What this means is, if you take a screenshot and want to give a user a direct URL to it, you can paste the URL into an email message, chat room, etc. To see this in action, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the "Publish Image to Fileshare" icon on the eSignal Central toolbar (looks like a camera).
  2. Crop the image to the desired size.
  3. Select "Save to Fileshare".
  4. Uncheck the "Save to Clipboard" option.
  5. Click the "Browse" button and select "Save Location".
  6. Click "Publish".
  7. Click "OK" on the "Image Publisher" window.
  8. Go to your email and paste into an email message. The URL will appear in the body of the message.


A lesson is a collection of pictures. You can add pictures to a lesson by using the camera in the eSignal Central Bar or the camera in the system tray. With lessons, you can create a collection of pictures, put them in the desired order and publish the pictures when the lesson is complete. This feature lets you upload all the pictures at once rather than one by one. One additional benefit to Lessons is that, when the pictures are published to eSignal File Sharing, a PDF is automatically created. This PDF, then, contains all the images from that lesson.

Tools: FileShare Preferences

When using eSignal File Sharing, you may need to log in to publish. A dialog box will automatically appear when you publish to eSignal File Sharing.

Among other things, you can elect to have your ID and password automatically remembered and activate auto login. If, at any time, you want to change these options, you can go to the Tools menu and select "FileShare Preferences".

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