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Happy New Year from eSignal! This issue of The Exchange features Goldman Sachs analysts' outlook for oil, along with the latest predictions for the stock market.

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Gold to Suffer Continued Free Fall in 2015

Several financial institutions and market experts have offered their predictions on how gold will perform in the new year, and most of them have forecast…

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Stock Watch

Don't Expect Charging Bulls in 2015

Don't bet on stocks spiking in 2015, experts warn. Since reaching a 12-year low in March 2009, the S&P 500 Index has enjoyed a robust bull market trending higher as economic conditions continue to improve...

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Daytrading University

eSignal's partner Daytrading University shows you how to day and swing trade NASDAQ stocks in their #1-rated online Daytrading University Course...

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Top 10 In Action: eSignal "Best Online Trading Charting Tool"

Top 10 In Action's Sally Xu recently reviewed the eSignal platform, naming it the "Best Online Trading Charting Tool."

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Active Trader

Basic Options Trading Strategies: Vertical Spreads

Looking to learn some basic options trading strategies? Vertical spreads can be very helpful...

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