eSignal Trading Integration

eSignal includes trade and order management components that can be integrated directly with your firm's trading and risk management systems. These components include the Trade Manager, which supports single-click order entry and displays your firm's market data, aggregating size at price.

Our trading integration also includes pre-set order defaults, configurable for entire asset classes and / or symbols, and an optional order ticket that can support all your order types, routing destinations and other order parameters. Lastly, the Account Manager provides access to balances, positions and trades, as well as supports order management, such as change / cancel functionality.

Our trading integration allows your traders to:

  • Receive data from your own datafeed or ours
  • Access account information readily in the format you are used to seeing it in
  • Execute trades from many different windows, including charts and those windows especially designed for this purpose, such as the Trade Manager

For more information on our trading integration, call: Carlo Macchi at 510.266.6000 or request more information via email.