eSignal Software Developer's Kit (SDK) and Tools

We offer a number of tools that, when combined in a custom solution right for you, make it easy to create your own custom monitoring, analysis, trading application or web tools. Tools include:

QLink (RTD) (enhanced DDE) and DDE

QLink is a RealTimeData (RTD), enhanced DDE add-on service that makes it quick and simple to download real-time, streaming data into your Excel worksheets. You can then perform further analysis suited to your market and your strategies for trading that market. It comes with a toolbar that automatically integrates with Excel, so you can easily access the many different customizable request types. This feature makes time historical bar data available, as well as Time & Sales information, through a DDE or RTD interface. With advanced charting, you can also output EFS formulas to DDE, so you can analyze the data, using the spreadsheet's capabilities. Read More

EFS -- A Formula Scripting Language

EFS is an extended version of JavaScript 1.5 with custom extensions that give the user specific control over our advanced charting. These extensions allow users to access the chart data and develop custom indicators and back testing strategies. Read More

EFS includes ability to:

  • Develop automated trading by connecting a broker plug-in to your developed strategy (one that can initiate a trading action)
  • Allow market technicians to easily look through their symbol lists for trade setups, create their own strategies, purchase EFS add-on studies and output the results into a Watch List

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