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The Consolidated Data API enables companies to easily add real-time and delayed global market data into a broad range of financial applications. Our low-latency market datafeed provides real-time, streaming data from North America and more than 125 other global exchanges and enables businesses to avoid the heavy investment of building their own ticker plants by leveraging our direct connections to equities, options, futures and news.

The Consolidated Feed API offers easy integration of real-time or delayed data with a broad range of financial applications, including front office user applications and back office automated systems. It is ideal for applications that require financial market information for trading, analysis, portfolio pricing and other market-critical operations.

This API is available for a variety of platforms and programming languages, providing advanced flexibility for how data is delivered, including the unique ability to subscribe to a subset of instruments across available markets.

Power and Flexibility

The Consolidated Feed API offers access to all the data managed by our network, empowering applications to use as much or as little as required. The API is a gateway to one of the industry's most comprehensive market data platforms and enables developers to create a variety of solutions:

  • Front-end charting application with back testing
  • Trading and portfolio management applications
  • Trade compliance systems
  • Data analysis engines
  • Buy / Sell decision models

Key Features

  • Access to more than 125 global exchanges
  • Real-time and delayed global data across all asset classes
  • Low-latency feed with direct connections to exchanges
  • Access to Level I and Level II streaming data
  • News from leading providers
  • 10+ years of intraday and daily history
  • A Software Developer's Kit (SDK) that includes documentation and sample code

Available Services

  • Exchange tracking and reporting
  • Public Internet, secured Internet or private circuit
  • Custom registration, billing and reporting

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