Co-Branded Solutions

We offer a host of market data solutions, including the ability to place your brand or integrate your trading execution platform with one of our desktop solutions. When you select one of our products and customize it according to your requirements and / or white label it with your brand, the result is a cost-effective, flexible, yet sophisticated market data solution.

Products Developed for Individual Users

eSignal has more than 25 years of experience offering products and services to the active trader and individual investor community. We can put that experience to work for you by partnering with your firm to "white label" any of our products for individuals with your brand for your end users.

  • LiveCharts - LiveCharts is a web-based version of eSignal with access to the same real-time global stock, options, futures and Forex data and a standard set of technical analysis tools and indicators popular with many active traders and individual investors.
  • QuoTrek - Available as a standalone or an add-on to most of our other products, this mobile product provides access to our global financial market information for your end users who are away from a computer but need to stay connected to the markets they follow.
  • Market Scanners - These scanners are add-ons to eSignal that can be programmed with your proprietary market strategies to search the markets and retrieve the day's trading opportunities that best fit those strategies.

Products Developed for Institutional Users

Our institutional clients can choose one of the following product or service offerings and customize it with their company's requirements and / or branding (where available) to develop a turnkey solution. The combination of flexible pricing, customizability and availability of different desktop and mobile implementations gives your company the exact mix of flexibility and availability you require.

  • FutureSource - A premier commodities, financial futures and foreign exchange solution, FutureSource Workstation brings you data and technical analysis in the form of applications especially suited to the commodities, energy and agri-business markets. It includes industry-leading, quality data and decision support covering a broad range of international markets and is available in real-time or delayed versions.
  • Market-Q - A browser-based, real-time, streaming market data desktop terminal for financial institutions, Market-Q can be accessed anywhere via a PC and web browser, with no software download required. Market-Q has custom workspaces, interactive charts, research, option chains, a market depth feature, searchable news, alerts and data export capabilities.
    Market-Q is the ideal, fully hosted solution for financial professionals who need real-time data from the world's financial markets without the costs associated with servers, circuits and routers or the extra bandwidth usually required to support professional market information.

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